Adams QD12 series | meet your more requirements on cupboard door!


In the home, there are basically some corners, most designers will design these corners into a practical and beautiful corner cabinet, this time the hinge has become one of the key accessories, Adams QD12 series 90° flat door hinge can better solve the problem for you to open and close the corner cabinet!

QD12 series 90° flat door hinge is a special 90° structure. After installing the corner cabinet, it can easily solve the opening and closing problem of the cabinet door in the special position of the corner. Compared with the ordinary hinge, it is more convenient and simple to solve the problem by installing the partition.

The QD12 series 90° flat door hinge has its own cushioning function to prevent accidental clamping when closing the door. Through clever design, the hinge is quiet and wear-resistant, giving you a safe and comfortable opening and closing experience.

QD12 series 90 degree flat door hinge has two models, respectively: QD12D-90 fixed installation, QD12E-90 quick installation (buckle type design, one press is removed), the matching base is H0, H2, the height of the two bases are different, also can choose the type of two holes, four holes.

When the cabinet door is opened, the hinge opening Angle is 90°. After it is closed, the door panel is flush with the side panel, and the hinge closing Angle is 180°. It can be widely used in the cabinet door link of the bookcase, the ground cabinet, the wine cabinet and other furniture.