September birthday party | warm accompany, wonderful have you


Adams staff birthday party in September come

The company meticulously organized a sweet birthday party

May the birthday people reap the happiness of their birthdays

Spend time together

Contracted hold the arrangement of ritual feeling concurrently

Birthday food with the best color and taste

An elaborate birthday present

The birthday party began with sincere wishes from all the people

▲The company sends red envelopes of blessing to the birthday boy

▲Every birthday boy can receive beautiful birthday presents

"Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you..."

To the joyful tune of the crowd

Birthday girls make their own birthday wishes

The birthday girls enjoy a birthday lunch together

While sharing interesting things about work and life

Share the good times

The bright smiling faces are recorded in the camera

Frozen in the memory of every employee

Wonderful with you, accompany all the way

Build the Adams family with love

May you continue to warm together in the future

Best wishes again for the birthday people

Happy birthday!