Mid-Autumn Garden Party | Have fun together in Adams


September Mid-Autumn Festival, full longguixiang

Adams held an annual garden party for the Mid-Autumn Festival

With the trend of The Times, to the national tradition

Let employees feel the wisdom and charm of Mid-Autumn culture

Show the warm atmosphere of the Adams family

Mid-Autumn Festival garden party:

1 team project +9 fun games

Cross the stamp and then get the gift

Everything depends on ability

By the host shouted the number of groups

We played a warm-up game

The original formal atmosphere was mobilized in an instant

The ring battle

Classic childhood game

Ignited a long - lost excitement and joy

People are immersed in it

A full moon strike

The employees worked in pairs

Through cooperation and trust

Finally, the final word

Guess lantern riddles

The answer is all encompassing

The mystery is full of fun

Everyone looked at the riddle from a thoughtful face to eyebrow smile

The scene was lively and peaceful

Cupid's Challenge

Fun archery interaction

Let's see what we can do

Feel the joy of ancient hunting and jousting

Fillip alkaloids

The rules of the game are fairly simple

Unfortunately, the operation is as fierce as a tiger

The bottle cap remained stuck in place

Winking at a cookie

His colleagues winked vigorously

Slightly "ferocious" facial expression

It made everyone laugh

Shaking is healthier

Participating colleagues wrapped boxes full of balls around their waists

Lean back, bounce, twist your back

Shake the ball as hard as you can

Let the scene laugh wave after wave

Ice mooncake DIY

Small moon cakes are placed in the hope of reunion

Mooncakes made by yourself show more heart

Colleagues under the guidance of a food teacher

A delicious ice skin moon cake was born

Adams cares about every hardworking employee

Mooncake gift boxes are specially made for everyone

On behalf of the company's sincere wishes to employees

May all staff live and work happily in Adams

Finally, Adams wishes all of you

The moon circle person circle everything circle!

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!