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Adams new generation pneumatic support rod on the market

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1, installation and disassembly, save time and effort

The new generation of air support rod installation is simple, easy to disassemble, only need to use tools to the base of the air support rod and Nieto head fixed, combined head design, the rod support installed on the base, buckle type installation method, gently buckle, the installation is complete.

2. Hover after 45°

The new generation of air brace has the function of arbitrary hovering. When the cabinet door is opened to 45°, it can be stopped at any Angle in the range of 90°, which solves the pain point that the traditional air brace reaches the maximum position once it is opened.

3. Close the door to 10° to start the buffer function

The new generation of air support rod has its own closing buffer function. When the closing Angle reaches 10°, the buffer function of the air support rod starts, which can slowly close the cabinet door, effectively protect the collision of the cabinet door, so that the family can avoid the disturbance of noise and maintain a quiet environment.

4, 5 support specifications

Adams new generation of air support rod has a total of 5 support specifications, respectively: 60N, 80N, 100N, 120N, 150N, according to the size of the cabinet can choose the appropriate number of support, better match the cabinet door.